My upcoming book is a story of awakening. Full of raw authenticity, wry humor and home-grown insight, it's a visceral ride through shedding the old and expanding into potential.  

Awaken with me as I CLEAR chronic symptoms rooted in false beliefs.

Travel with me to the Arizona desert for a 4 day Silent Retreat and experience the profound CONNECTION that can occur when holding silence. 

Discover what it means to CO-CREATE and the courage and trust it takes to step into the bigger shoes of purpose and destiny.

"...All aglow, I flopped onto my bed to recharge before making my way over to class. The stark contrast of my cool, quiet room conjured up another level of appreciation. Water. Shelter. No small feat in the middle of the desert. I spotted a small framed poster, 'I will lead you into the wilderness and speak to your heart.' Looking down at the pedicure I had gotten just for this trip, I felt no remorse that in this case, 'wilderness' included sparkly orange toenails."

Excerpt from Yellow Flower Tree