The Salty Sea of Destiny

As many of you know, we moved from Minnesota to Portugal a year ago. It’s been quite a journey. We’ve advanced from getting trapped (and soaked) in self-cleaning porta-potties to somewhat successfully ordering our food in Portuguese and buying groceries without feeling like a complete idiot (well, we did get stuck in the parking lot yesterday because we couldn’t figure how to work the gate). For the most part, I’d say we’ve gone from survival mode to feeling very much at home here. But aside from the exotic lure of living in Europe, what is really going on? Why would we uproot two reluctant teenagers and move our family of four to another country? You could say for financial reasons, or to become more connected to the rest of the world. But I would say it’s because of destiny.

It’s a dramatic word, I get that. But I think it’s time we introduce it back into our vocabulary, and into our lives. I believe that we are all here for a purpose, that we’ve come to this crazy place with a blueprint – a plan – for doing our part here. Like pieces of a puzzle, each of us is a unique and absolutely necessary part of the awakening of humanity. This destiny remains like a dormant seed unless we tend to it, water it and take action on behalf of it. But once we make the commitment to step into our destiny, all sorts of wonderful things begin to happen and we activate a type of inner sustenance that eventually manifests into outer sustenance. Of course, there’s the age old argument: Can I make a living doing that thing? If you’re willing to clear the subconscious reasons why you don’t think you can then, yes, you can.

So, why Portugal? Aside from the up-front research, intuitive guidance and sheer synchronicities that led us here, the deeper answer to that question is still unfolding. But I can tell you this. When we take action (big or small) toward our heart’s highest desire, Creation itself conspires to support us. For example, when we arrived, we miraculously found a beautiful home to rent that is perfect for us (just the right location available at just the right time with uncanny details that matched what we had envisioned for ourselves). We very rapidly connected with like-minded friends and community that nourish, support and inspire us to keep moving toward contributing our piece of the puzzle. I finished writing my book (yay!), my husband's work is going well, and my daughters are successfully – and I dare say happily – finding their way.

It doesn't mean that I don’t have to keep pulling the weeds of limiting thoughts and beliefs that pop up along the journey (a.k.a. scary shit I think is true but isn't). ‘Cause I do. It’s a forward movement that occasionally spirals back through whatever still needs to be cleared so that I can go even farther toward co-creating a world based in Truth. I’m eternally grateful that the ride is sweetened by the salty sea air, towering eucalyptus trees and the warm, passionate hearts of the Portuguese people.