The Power of Circle

I wanted to share with you one of my latest discoveries: the power of Circle. Last year I took a training in a practice called, The Way of Council or Circle Talk and it has brought profound gifts to my life.

Last autumn, my daughter was getting ready to leave for her first year at University in the UK. In addition to the upcoming transition that we were all feeling, there were some unexpected challenges that came up that needed to be addressed QUICKLY and CONSCIOUSLY.

Almost out of desperation, I asked my family, "Will you sit in Circle with me so we can really connect and talk about all that's going on?" Surprisingly, there were no eye rolls. There were no vibes of, "Here we go again, another weird mom thing." They simply said, "Yes."

We met the following Sunday afternoon in our living room. We placed the chairs in a circle, and lit a candle. We set an intention and then passed a talking piece as we shared how we were feeling. The deep listening, compassion and connection was palpable. I was blown away.

How can something so simple be so powerful? How did I miss doing this with my family all these years?

We continue to meet regularly and Circle is becoming something that we just do. It feels natural.

If you'd like to introduce this practice to your family, I've created a Circle Guide so that you can get started.

Also, here's a TedX Talk on "The Power of Listening - An Ancient Practice for Our Future" that will introduce you to "The Way of Council" or sitting in Circle (he talks about how to use if for couples as well).

If you are in the Porto area, I am hosting a bi-monthly Circle Gathering so we can practice together, and explore ways to bring Circle to schools, organizations and families.

You can find out more about upcoming gatherings here.

If you have any questions about sharing this with your family, feel free to reach out!