These short videos are filled with tips and tools you can use right away.

Co-Creation Series:

 Part 1: What is Co-Creation?

In this short 3 part video series, we'll explore what co-creation means and how you are an integral and powerful part of a collective, interactive eco-system!


Part 2: Quickly Get Out of Your Negative Thought Patterns

I'll share with you a simple exercise to step out of your default mode so you can co-create more intentionally. Give it a try - I’d love to hear how it’s going for you!


Part 3: Staying in the Zone

In this video, we'll explore the idea that we are constantly in a kind of interactive dance with something greater, like an ongoing conversation. Like changing the channel on a TV - we have a wider range of listening than we might realize. But we tend to get stuck on one channel. A good place to start exploring this is to ask, “What connects you? How do you connect to a bigger picture of reality - outside your immediate day-to-day stimulus?"


Breakdown Series:

Part 1: What if Nothing is Wrong?

Let's face it, things are breaking down everywhere we look. We'll explore how to not get stuck or overwhelmed so you can move more easily into the breakthrough that is wanting to happen.



Part 2: Breakdown to Breakthrough

We'll talk about what to do with the part of you that's saying, "This shouldn't be happening!" I'll share with you a simple yet powerful way to move through the resistance more quickly so you can get to the breakthrough. Try it out and let me know how it goes!


Part 3: Why Uncertainty is Good

In this video we'll talk about one of the most powerful ways you can become more comfortable with the unknown. I'll share some practical tools for quieting your fear of the unknown so you can access your power to create more consciously.