Organizational Consulting

Through a customized assessment, we’ll explore together the best ways to optimize your organization’s potential and the most effective tools for moving forward.

In the shift from power over to power with, innovation and productivity naturally arise:

  • Self-organizing teams are effective because they figure how to get the work done. Self-correcting structures allow teams to adapt quickly to new conditions and grow through self-learning feedback loops.

  • When all voices are heard, the collective wisdom and experience of the group is accessed.

  • Inclusive processes assure that the needs of all are met, which leads to more powerful strategies rooted in purpose and meaning.

  • Through proper empowerment and delegation, leadership deepens within your teams.

  • In a culture of trust, feedback flows more easily throughout your organization or community.


Training and Facilitation

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Sociocratic Circle Method

  • Consent decision making

  • Conscious communication and emotional intelligence


  • Individual support and accountability

  • Transform challenges that limit your movement forward

  • Empowered action

  • Clarity of vision and purpose


Sociocracy, also known as Dynamic Governance, is a proven organizational design that accesses collective intelligence, making teams and organizations work smarter and more efficiently. It provides agile, adaptive ways of responding to constant change and complex challenges through an open flow of real-time feedback.

Most importantly, Sociocracy is human-friendly. Processes for skillful interpersonal communication are built into the structure so that connection, purpose and well-being are natural outcomes of working together.

It is being used by companies and organizations of all sizes, all over the world and is transforming businesses, and organizations to become more empowered and resilient.

Sociocracy is a way of working together that offers:

  • Equivalence structure and process so that every voice is heard

  • Inclusive decision making from those most affected by the decision

  • Continuous learning through built in feedback systems

  • Respectful, authentic and productive interpersonal communication


“I’ve been in business for 30 years and I haven’t come across a better way. Your staff is your greatest asset, and if you’re not listening to them, you are doing a huge disservice. It’s an effective way to run an organization, and to do it with heart. What better way to raise the efficiency, but also raise the humanness in a company.”

Joyce Womack, CEO Charlottesville Medical Research (CMR), Charlottesville Virginia USA

“My Dynamic Governance clients get awards for excellence and survive the current challenges because they are able to think effectively together and institutionalize continuous growth and improvement.”

John Buck, Governance Alive LLC, Washington, DC

“The power of creativity is enormous, and we are ignoring creativity not in a technical way, but in a social way. We need Sociocracy to be able to live with other people in a better way and to solve all kinds of problems. There is not a problem we cannot solve.”

Gerard Endenburg, Developer of Dynamic Governance, Rotterdam, The Netherlands




"After working with Bernadette, I feel completely different – like I’ve crossed a threshold. I am able to manage my energy, I’m saying 'no' and not taking on too many things. I’ve been able to transform my work life so that I have time for other things in life that are important to me, like riding my horse – avoiding a very serious case of burn-out which was affecting my health."




Natural Health Practitioner

"Bernadette's program taught me how to trust in myself, trust that I am capable of anything I set myself to do. It has given me tools that I will certainly use for years to come. And now I am able to use the knowledge she passed on to me, and with certainty say that I am on my way to fulfilling my dream of leaving the IT world and starting my own business - one step at a time, with a confidence I did not have before. Now I have a plan. And I have a direction to go. Thank you Bernadette!”




Midwest Director, The White House Project

“I signed up for Bernadette’s Mastery Program because I was feeling overwhelmed and lost. Mostly I was conscious of how NOT masterful I was living/feeling. After her program I was able to create the experiences I wanted. The best part was receiving the very intuitive thoughtful coaching from Bernadette. For years to come, I will use the tools I learned from her. If you feel at all curious about working with her, I recommend jumping in!"




Anesthesiologist, Owner of Canna-Fusion

"When I started the Bernadette's program I was feeling overwhelmed with my life. I had just started a new business and I was in unfamiliar territory. I knew I needed a coach to help me grow the business and to help me grow as a person. Bernadette has been a great coach for personal issues that block me and for professional business issues."