Growing up you had this sense that life would be different for you. You had great aspirations. You didn’t know what you would do, but you knew that it was something good. Something meaningful. Something bigger than you.  Something that would make a difference for someone, somewhere.

So you set off into the world of possibilities searching for that purpose. Looking for the signs and clues that would reveal the impact you would make in this world.

But along your search you encountered life. You had to have a means to live, so you got a job. And without looking for it, you met your love. And maybe that love produced some kids. And for the time being taking care of your family gave you a sense of purpose.

Your dreams and aspirations? Halted.

You told yourself it would be temporary. That when the time was right you’d find what you were here for. So you kept following the motions.

Maybe this is it. Maybe I’m supposed to take care of others.

And for a while it felt like it was true.

But now you're here. And everything feels dull. Your relationships feel flat. You’re fed up with your job. You’re tired all the time. And it dawns on you that you don’t remember the last time you did something for yourself or even let yourself dream. And you can’t help but wonder, Is this all there is?

So, you find yourself Googling fantasy lives on repeat:Yoga in Bali/Retreat in India/B&B in France.

But guilt sets in. You feel self-indulgent. People depend on you.

How can I even think about abandoning my responsibilities?

Besides, I wouldn’t even know where to start or how to make it work.

So you shut it down thinking it’s probably too late for you...

But those long-dormant dreams keep won’t just let you be...maybe there’s something to them...

And you know what? There is.

Growing up I too had the sense that things would be different for me. That there was a greater version of myself within me.

And also like you, I grew up always trying to reconcile this greater me I knew to be within me with other people's expectations of what and who I should be.

So, I spent the early years of my working life moving between the business world and my passion for the intuitive, spiritual side of life.

Always weaving in and out. Trying to follow the breadcrumbs to find my purpose.

I had kids.

I was a CEO of an international company (who did things “the conscious way”).

I opened an alternative school.

I even started a conscious leadership coaching business.

But I always felt short. I felt like I wasn’t living up to my vision. And my body agreed. These years were plagued with stress and sickness.

Even though I had successes, they ended up derailed. And that’s when I realized what the real problem was. Somewhere along the way I had stopped dreaming.

I had committed to finding my purpose, but had forgotten how to dream.

I thought like you that maybe it was just best to stay the course and count my blessings.

But I felt so unfulfilled. So I went to work on fixing this issue. Something had to change.

And it did. I gave myself permission.

It took lots of inner work, but allowing myself to dream again opened my world up. I felt truly alive again. I finally felt like I was on my path.

Before I knew it, doors were opening for me to move to Europe with my family (which was a very old dream of mine) and create a successful international coaching business. (Heaven!)

My search for alignment and meaning wasn’t smooth, but every step of the journey brought insights and lessons that I’ve been able to apply to my life’s purpose.

So what is my purpose? To help women like you answer those burning questions that live within people who KNOW they’re here for something bigger.

My life’s work is to empower you to access your potential and take action on your inspiration so you can live the life of your dreams and fulfill the purpose you know resides in your soul.

Are you ready?

Bernadette is known as a compassionate, kick-ass game changer who elegantly bridges the gap between inspired vision and practical, effective action. She knows first hand how to turn crisis into opportunity, how to follow the thread of longing for meaning and purpose and use it as a beacon for living an extraordinary life.

Her clients and colleagues refer to her as a “dream midwife” - helping women give birth to their inspired callings and create a sustainable, strong environment to live their dreams - without turning their life upside down. Her several fulfilled dreams include leaving the corporate world and becoming a successful social entrepreneur, creating and running a Wisdom School for children and moving to Portugal from the US with her husband and two teenage daughters.

She is a graduate of Villanova University, with a BS in Business Administration and graduate studies in International Communication at St. Thomas University. She is a certified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Matrix Reimprinting (MR) practitioner with 20+ as a teacher and coach.

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